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Annie Marquier, the Founder of the Institute for Personal Growth, is the author of several books including “The Heart Revolution”, The Power of Free-Will” and “Free Your True Self”, published in French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Her extensive training and experience in the various aspects of human development (science, art, spirituality, psychology), as well as her scientific approach, have led her to acquire considerable and original knowledge of the mechanics of human consciousness. Her qualities as a communicator and writer allow her to share this knowledge in a clear and efficient manner both in her workshop presentations and lectures as well as in her writings.


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The Institute for Personal Growth founded in 1982, offers workshops, professional training, conferences and special educational events dedicated to the advancement of the field of personal and spiritual development. The main core of the curriculum is given by Annie Marquier, and her daughter Véronique Dumont.

Various workshops and courses make up an enriching and coherent curriculum combining a theoretical study and an experiential discovery of our essence as human beings at the three levels of consciousness: the conscious, the unconscious and the supra-conscious.

The program’s main objective is to offer each individual the opportunity to experience the reality of higher consciousness, as an inner experience and as an active source of concrete manifestations in the physical world. The program focuses on achieving mastery over one’s personality, which allows one to face everyday life events with strength, focus, peace and serenity.  It also nurtures one’s capacity for creative, original and positive contributions to society.To achieve this, the Institute’s educational approach provides a profound and efficient synthesis of psychology and spirituality. The very essence of this approach springs from the ancient world wisdom and fundamental spiritual traditions as well as the most recent discoveries regarding the psychological mechanisms of human consciousness. This synthesis therefore reflects the state of the art in terms of research on consciousness at the dawn of the 21st century.

The Institute’s curriculum is tailored to today’s realities and therefore uses a variety of coherent and complementary approaches to inner transformation: conferences, meditations, guided visualisations, various types of inner-healing exercises (work with the breath, with music, metaphors), rituals, artistic activities, physical activities, etc. It provides an opportunity to tune into an up-to-date body of knowledge and also to integrate this knowledge through first-hand experience and to put it into practice  spontaneously in one’s daily life.

All these activities unfold in a spirit of total respect for the individual’s level of involvement. This guarantees personal freedom of choice in the way each person opens up to his/her own process of transformation.

Within the program, the  Institute also offers a professional Breathwork Guide training as well as a Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Training led by Veronique Dumont associated with Samudra School of Yoga and Shiva Rea.

GardenWithin the “Arts” section of the program, the Institute host a school of circus art: Magik-Art Trapeze. In this context, trapeze activities are approached from the usual physical and artistic angle, and also as a discipline for inner development.

The curriculum consists mainly of week-end intesives (both in French,English and Spanish), held at the Institute’s peaceful retreat center near Knowlton, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Lodging and vegetarian meals are provided on premise.

In addition to the regular program, one can attend conferences and special events in Quebec and in Europe.

The ultimate goal of this program is to participate in the emergence of a renewed consciousness for peace, harmony and personal freedom, for ourselves as well as for others.


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