Véronique Dumont, aerial acrobatic performer,  founder and director of Magik-Art Trapeze, a  strong leader, teacher and performer. Her works include: Cirque du Soleil, training and coaching of professional students and artists for Caravan Stage Barge, Superclubs hotels and resorts, Club Med resorts, l’École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles, Trapeze Experience, Cirkidz, just to name a few.



Aerial Circus Performer

and Instructor


With more then 20 years of studies that include: The National Circus School of Montreal, Toronto School of Circus Arts, the Aerial Dance Festival of Colorado, classical ballet and jazz in Toronto with renowned dance teachers and former dancers of the National Ballet of Canada as well as in Montreal at Ballet Divertimento, martial training at Wundang Kung-Fu Academy in Wundang Shan, China and intensive professionnal yoga training with renown international teacher Shiva Rea.

Her expertise in aerial rigging set-up and safety allows to set-up in any venues, theaters or arenas, outside in parks or in the street. Magik- Art Trapeze has all the rigging equipment, everything from structure to cables and safety lines. With the aerial apparatus we’re able to create special effects, performances for events and appearances in concerts, clubs, dance events, television, movies, theatrical shows and resorts.

In addition to all the Magik-Art Trapeze productions in Canada, she performed and represented the Canadian Governement at the IVth Games of the Francophony in Ottawa, as well as in the United States, Europe, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.


Double Trapeze

An original and professional double swinging trapeze act for your special event, music parties, festivals and corporate events.

Magik-Art Trapeze has all the necessary rigging equipement, structure and hardware to present outdoor shows for festivals,  events in parks or in the street as well as indoor shows in theaters and arenas.

Véronique Dumont - Isabelle Nault